Diamonds have long been among the greatest natural treasures unearthed by mankind. Their durability, beauty, and brilliance are evidence of the miracles produced by thousands of years of geological movements and processes. And yet the efforts required to bring these treasures forth from the earth have had a detrimental impact on our environment.

Diamond Elements manufactures only diamonds that are guaranteed to be man-made and of ethical origin. Instead of disrupting the earth's layers of stratified rock to extract geologically-grown diamonds, we create diamonds using controlled laboratory conditions that consume only modest amounts of resources where every step of a diamond's formation can be carefully documented. Without destroying ecosystems or expending large amounts of energy, we create diamonds with the same fire and brilliance as their earth-mined counterparts.

Beyond Conflict-Free

Conflict-free diamonds are guaranteed to originate from ethical sources. These diamonds, grown peacefully and with the preservation of human dignity, are the opposite of "blood diamonds". Mined from third-world African nations, blood diamonds are notorious for their unethical extraction involving severe violations of human rights and child labor laws.

While earth mining directly contributes to human suffering and indirectly funds armed campaigns, lab-grown diamonds are created peacefully and ethically. Our manufactured diamonds are grown in laboratories under carefully monitored procedures controlled by expert scientists and technicians.