CVD Technology

CVD (“Chemical Vapour Deposition”) diamond grown by microwave plasma technology is the highest quality diamond made by man with properties equal to or better than natural diamond. CVD lab grown diamonds are grown in a highly controlled laboratory environment using advanced technical process. CVD diamonds are grown from the diamond seed. An atomic level of deposition process replicates the natural method of diamond formation. And thus CVD grown diamonds has better atomic crystalline properties compared to natural diamonds.

All CVD grown diamonds are classified as type IIa which is considered to be the purest form of diamonds known to mankind. Only 1-2% of natural diamonds are of type IIa in the world.
Diamond Elements offers CVD diamonds that are guaranteed to be eco-friendly, conflict free and of ethical origin. Instead of disrupting the earth’s layers of stratified rock to extract geologically grown diamonds, we offer diamonds which are made under controlled laboratory conditions that consumes only the modest amount of resources. Without destroying ecosystems or expending large amounts of energy, our manufacturers create diamonds with the same fire and brilliance as their earth-mined counterparts.

ElementsHardnessDensityRefractive IndexDispersion
Grown Diamond10.003.522.420.044
Natural Diamond10.003.522.420.044
Cubic Zirconia8.255.702.150.066